Playoff time!!

We have started playoffs! This last week we played Kastela in the first round, we ended up beating them in the first two games of a three game series. The first match we played at home and beat them in four games. We played the second match at Kastela Wednesday night. It was a well played match and very exciting. We played five games, with the final score of the fifth game being 15-13. It was an important match for us to win because if we lost we would have played them in a third game Saturday. We will face Rijeka, the defending champions in the semi finals next. We’ve lost both matches we played against Rijeka earlier this season, but both matches were very close. We will play best of three games again to advance to the finals, the first match will be played at Rijeka Wednesday and then at home on Sunday (this game will be live streamed I will post the link on my Facebook).
My time in Croatia has been going by very fast, I have one more month here. Can’t believe it!    Since the last time I posted we’ve done a few exciting things.

First we traveled to the town next to Split called Trigor to sight see. I went here with Lucy, her mom and mom’s friend while they were here visiting for the week. Trigor was a very beautiful place, a lot smaller than Split, but a cool place to see. One of the coolest things about the cities in Croatia is the color of the water, it’s almost a turquoise color–I’ve taken so many pictures that look like they could be on a post cards.


We’ve had many visitors in the last few weeks, which has been fun to have company! First Lucy’s mom and moms friend came, then Dani’s husband, and Colas friends came to visit. Alyssa’s parents will be coming Tuesday for the week, and Lucy’s friend will also be coming.

Next, we’ve had our car towed twice. Okay this isn’t very exciting, the first time we had a good laugh, but not the second time. The parking in Split is very interesting, you will find cars parked in the most random spots and in odd ways. The population of the city has grown too large for how the city was built, so the main way to park here is directly on thr sidewalk.

imageWell there are a few laws we found out about, which you would never guess by looking at how other cars park. The first time we had went to watch a volleyball match, and parked up on the sidewalk next to another car. We walked out after the game and all of us, except Cola didn’t notice that our car was missing at first (there was another car parked there still that looked like ours). Once we figured out our car was gone we had to get a hold of our manager who helped us track down our car. We found out that you must leave one meter of sidewalk when you park up on the sidewalk… We decided after the second time our car was towed that the reason our car keeps getting towed, since there are cars everywhere parked just as illegally as ours is that our licenses plate is not Split (we have a rental car). We now are extra careful in the way we park. The picture is an example of how Croatians like to park, this is the parking lot of our restaurant.

Lastly, yesterday we had a day off so we decided to do some more sight seeing. We traveled to Krka National Park, which was about an hour drive. It was the most stunning National Park, there were waterfalls everywhere and a very cool hiking path. The waterfalls were the biggest I have ever seen, and the color of the water made it all extraordinary. The timing of going to the park was perfect because it is not yet tourist season so there really weren’t many other people around, which made it very peaceful.



On our way back to Split we stopped at a small town called, Skradin. The town was a very unique little town, but had some awesome views. Our waiter at the cafe said there are about only 700 people who live in the town. We found a short hiking path that went up to a Fortress and looked over the whole city.


I will give you all an update after our semi final games and let you know how they went!! 🙂