Experiencing & Exploring Croatia

Hey all,
We had another tough match this last weekend we played in Zagreb, which was about a five hour drive from Split. We unfortunately lost in four games, the whole match was very close, but with their home court advantage they pulled out the win. This first series you earn points based on your wins and losses, and also how many games you play in the match. We only have one point so far, and have three more games to finish this series so we need to win the next three matches to have a chance to finish in the champions league. We have confidence that we can win the next three, we got back into the gym this week focused on the areas we need to improve in and will be watching film for our upcoming match. We are in the second half of the series so we will be playing all the teams we’ve played starting with Rejika. 
We played our game in Zagreb on Sunday evening. We traveled there Saturday, so we were able to do some sight seeing and exploring of Zagreb. Zagreb is another very beautiful city in Croatia, but farther north so it is a lot colder than Split is right now.
 Zagreb, Croatia
Last week we went to the Split soccer game. Like I had mentioned in my last blog it was pretty crazy. The fans were very entertaining to watch, my picture shows at the end of the game fans threw large amounts of sparklers on the field. Definitely a fun experience to be a part of.
We play this Saturday at Rejika, so we will be traveling there Friday. It will be a tough match, but a must win! 
Better is the end of a thing than it’s beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit–Ecclesiastes 7:8 🙂