Game time

Sorry for the delay in the update! As my new hobby I started to knit and I’ve been distracted in my free time knitting together a blanket. 🙂
This last Sunday we played our first match against the defending Champions in Croatia, Rijeka. We ended up losing 3-1 in a tight, hard battled match. Rijeka has yet to lose in the league, with much experience and chemistry as a team, they are a very talented team. Having been our first match together as a team after two weeks of practice, I am very excited to see how the rest of the season plays out with a few more practices and games under our belt. Seeing the way we competed with Rijeka I believe our team will be very successful this year! This last week we gained another player, she is an outside, in her mid 30s and a well “respected” player in Croatia having played on the Croatian national team.
Tomorrow will be our next match against Porec at home again. This will be another competitive team, they placed in the top four in the league last year. These first games will all be tough matches because we are playing in a mini playoff tournament with the four top seeds from last year, and then will be seeded for the final tournament based on this mini tournament. We will play one match at home and one match at the opponents place. 
Exciting news tomorrows game will be live streamed again! The producer was satisfied with how many people watched our last match, so will be streaming this match also. Thanks to everyone who watched!! I will post the link on my Facebook for tomorrow’s game.
This last week the President of the club took all of the Americans out to dinner. It was very fancy and delicious, we had octopus, shrimp salad, fish, grilled veggies, bread and crepes for dessert. We also had high end wine and rakija (a favorite drink of the Croatians).
A couple other things we did to entertain ourselves this week…. the sun has been out and has been very nice weather so we walked along the beach to a cafe and had a bijela kava (my new daily drink white coffee). We also went to the Cinema to see Identity Thief. 
After our game Sunday we get to go experience a European football game, which is supposed to be a very big rival game, Split verse Zagreb. I think it may be pretty wild! I am excited I will let you know how it goes in my next blog.
That’s all for now. Bok!! 🙂 

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