“New Life”

I have soon came to realize what kind of lifestyle my life will entail for the next three months, much different than the last five years of my life. I am an individual that if I am not being productive I have a feeling of guilt like I need to be doing something..well… this will all be changing. Not saying that I am going to lay around doing nothing and waste away the day, but with volleyball my only commitment I have plenty of time on my hands. It still feels like I should be doing  homework or studying during my free time, but then I remind myself I am all done with college! And it feels good.

So what has happened in the last week besides the realization of my “new” life?..
First, last week I came down with a bad cold, which I never get sick so this was no fun. Friday I did not practice and saw the doctor when we all had our physicals (doctor spoke no English but luckily our manager was there to translate) and I was prescribed four medicines and thankfully started to feel better immediately.
We went to the men’s Split volleyball game and also a handball game. This was the first handball game I have ever been too, it is a popular sport in Europe. It is quite an interesting sport to say, since after watching half of a game I still have no idea any of the rules, except a lot of physical contact, guys getting hurt and random whistles from the  referees.
One goal of mine before I leave Croatia is to learn basic Croatian words, a few I have learned so far are Hvala (thank you), Dobro (good), Dobra Dan (good afternoon) , Bok (bye).
It has been rainy here this last week, but it is supposed to get sunny the next fews. Lets hope so we can get outside and start doing stuff. To keep myself busy in our spare time I have been trying to find a hobby to pick up. It will be much easier to occupy myself when it warms up outside, but for now while it is still chilly if anyone has any hobbies that you would think I enjoy let me know! I have downloaded the max amount of apps for my iPad you can use without wifi, including ab workouts and yoga (which my roommate and I have made into nightly sessions and I think we get more of a work out from our laughs).
Yesterday we got to finally taste some of the best crepes–we all ate way too much, but it was definitely worth it. Here is a picture of my crepe..nutella, banana, and vanilla ice cream..
This week we have a full week of practices and then we we will have our first match! We are playing at home Sunday against the team that took first in league last year.
Love from Croatia!

3 thoughts on ““New Life”

  1. My dear Megan . . . our thoughts and best wishes are always with you-enjoy this wonderful experience! The productive/guilt thing is a family trait! Love you

  2. Hello…hopefully the weather improves, so you can hike the beaches and explore the city.. I’m working on your care (project) package:) Should be an exciting wknd- playing your first match! Talk to you soon! Love you!!:)

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